Unako, meaning ‘you can’, is a call towards the realization of endless possibilities. This we believe can be achieved through an education that builds minds that are capable of seeing the world in enabling ways. An education that ties the individual and their community.

We are a youth led and managed non-profit organisation that was established in 2011 in response to the increasing inequality in the provision and access to basic education to the large majority of the school-going population in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan.

In 2016, Unako celebrates its first lustrum of supporting learners, schools and communities in the Nelson Mandela Bay townships to improve their social literacy levels.

We agree with the UN Human Development Index which sets education (access and level) as one of its three measures of development and social transformation. We believe that such an education must not just be a transfer of knowledge as in the ‘banking sense’ but a knowledge that equips one with the ability to identify and use knowledge.


” … The Unako Community-Based Movement represents what South Africa needs today… young people who would dare to take on the world and change it…for the better. We should listen to…and learn from them…” Dr Allistair Witten



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April 23rd was World Book Day. 
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RCL Follow-up session at Limekhaya High School