Representative Council of Learners

The structures of the Representative Council of Learners tend to be very uncertain about why they exist. Using Unako methodology, we seek to actively change this perception and facilitate a process that empowers the Representative Council of Leaners. 
The uncertainty that has defined the Representative Council of Learners suggests that of necessity the structure may be susceptible to manipulation or that they may not be taken seriously when participating in the statutory bodies. As such this program seeks to deal with this challenge by outlining the designated roles and responsibilities that the structure is supposed to fulfil with ease. Planning and organisation is another key skill that the program seeks to transmit as well as engagement and conflict management. Most importantly the structure should primarily understand their role as custodians of the voice of the students and how they should constantly seek to best represent this voice. Through using our popular education methodology, we will be able to facilitate workshops that will provide a learning process that covers identity, leadership virtues and the individual's degree of involvement in school based issues and the prerequisites required for their roles as learner leaders and executing their roles efficiently.
The overall objective of the RCL is to empower the leaner leaders for them to realize the value of organizing themselves. This is also to improve their capacity as leaders. The engagements and workshops as well as participation in the intervention. Some of the key tasks would include identifying challenges and making them part of a greater capacity building project. To this end leaner experiences, teacher experiences and SGB members’ input will assist in developing a context specific implementation. The relevant school and child legislation will drive the program beyond thematic materials on leadership and value building.