A South African society of literate, critically conscious citizens, capable of meaningfully participating in and contributing to the development of a democratic society

Mission Statement

To make an effective and sustainable contribution to a culture of reading in townships by raising the levels of social literacy.

Unako will drive this mission by aiming to achieve the following six objectives:

  1. To assist school learners in developing their literacy levels and provide them with the necessary skills to develop themselves in their communities
  1. To assist schools to use innovative tools of learning that will improve the literacy levels of their learners and invigorate the learners’ learning potential
  1. To assist government, communities and schools in using social literacy for transformation
  1. To expand local discourses around learning and literacy by championing social literacy
  1. To work in collaboration with various institutions and organisations, mainly focused on education, youth and community development
  1. To have an efficient and effective organisation to achieve its objectives

The first three objectives seek to assist the beneficiaries of Unako in raising the social literacy levels: learners, schools and government.

The fourth objective seeks to create a culture of reading in townships as a conducive environment for assisting the beneficiaries.

While the fifth objective seeks to partner with like-minded organisations for optimal results.

The last objective seeks to further develop Unako as an organisation to it can efficiently support the achievement of the other five objectives.

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