Building on the experience of the previous 5 years Unako will concentrate its efforts in the coming 3 years in the following 5 programmes that will directly increase the social literacy levels and 3 programmes that will indirectly do so by enhancing the organisation’s efficiency and performance.

The 5 programmes that will directly contribute to the increase the social literacy levels in the townships in the region are the following:

  1. Literacy Clubs
  2. Library Project
  3. Back Pack To Resilience
  4. Literacy Research/Research
  5. Community Dialogues

Prioritisation of literacy programmes

Unako’s five programmes can be executed on their own, but their effect will be significantly higher if all programmes are executed simultaneously, because of the Interdependence and overlap of the various activities of the respective programmes. The literacy clubs will be boosted by the library project, both programmes the literacy research and all three of them by the community dialogue and back pack to resilience.

The optimal situation will be therefore to execute all five programmes simultaneously, but in the case that is not possible due to external circumstances (e.g. insufficient funds, limited access to schools, etc) Unako will prioritise the programmes or activities of programmes that are expected to have the highest impact in terms of increasing social literacy levels under the limiting conditions that present themselves at the time.